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April Wrap Up



I began reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle at the end of March, and finished the book at the end of April. This book took me longer than normal to finish. It wasn't because I wasn't enjoying it, April just happened to be my busiest month. I was finishing off my degree in university and found myself with lack of time to read for fun. 


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami centres around Toru Okada and the events that occur after his cat goes missing. His wife soon leaves him and he sets out to get her to return to him. He meets a variety of intriguing characters that all play different roles in his life. 


I gave the book 3.5 stars, it wasn't that I didn't enjoy book. The book (like other Murakami books I have read) was very original and interesting. Due to trying to finish off my coursework and studying for exams, I wasn't able to fully engage in the book. At times it took me a while to remember what was happening in the book. 



For New Years, I made the resolution to read more graphic novels and manga. Flowers of Evil by Shuzo Oshimi was my first manga of the year. I didn't really know what this was about before reading it. Takao Kasuga is different from his peers, he is one who spends most of his time reading.  Nakagawa, the odd one in the class, catches Takao stealing something from one of his classmates. The first volume of the manga then follows the interaction between the Nakagawa as she bribes Takao. I gave the manga three stars. It was unlike anything I had ever read. The story takes a dark turn which at time can be uncomfortable.



The second manga of the year was Durarara!! by Ryohgo Narita The first volume didn't give much away. The whole volume was shrouded in mystery and was more like an introduction to some of the characters.  I gave this manga a four stars. It has defiantly peaked my interest and can't wait to read more of it. I also know it is or is based from a novel, there is also an anime adaptation which I plan to watch after reading the manga.



Currently I am reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. So far so good!